A little something about the mail

It’s one of those things that can pile up quickly if not attended to, growing into a formidable mountain by week’s end. Why let that happen when it’s so easy to deal with mail the minute it comes through the door.

Here is my daily routine that you can adapt to your circumstances.

(1) Deal with mail one time and only one time.
(2) As soon as you bring the mail into your house, stand over a trash can and throw away all junk mail, advertisements, etc.
(3) Place all bills into a basket or other file/receptacle that you have designated for this purpose.
(4) Place magazines in their appropriate places.
(5) Read letters or any other remaining mail and file or give them to members of the family to whom they belong. It is helpful to have files or baskets for each person who receives mail.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is an excellent motto for mail. I have found this system to be a great time saver, and I know it’s one you will love once you begin using it.





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