I recently read an article stating that some degree of hard water could be found in a majority of American households. None of us like the look of spotty glasses and silverware. When using a dishwasher, the solution is easy since all one has to do is add a product such as Jet Dry. However, some items always get washed by hand, so what does one do to prevent hard water buildup on these items?

The solution is the same. Place a few scant drops of Jet Dry or similar product in a small sink-sized tub and fill it with hot rinse water. The key here is scant drops. If your rinse water foams up, you’ve probably added too much Jet Dry. Wash your dishes as usual and then give them a quick dip in the rinse. They will dry spot free.

This tip is great for coffee decanters as well. They’re often washed by hand and quickly take on a cloudy look in homes with hard water. You will save time in the long run because you’ll never have to spend time scrubbing or soaking your dishes in special solutions made for hard water deposit removal.


N. Rene West
Fembellish Journal – Beauty thru fiber art