I placed a piece of bread in the toaster this morning and spent a few seconds staring at it as if in a dream state. Suddenly, the thought entered my head: Why am I just standing here?

I quickly changed modes and began cleaning out the coffee maker. I then wiped down the counters and range hood. All of this was accomplished before the toast popped up. I thought about how many seconds and minutes are wasted throughout a day doing just what I was doing this morning – nothing.

Recently, I read an article on how to gain an hour each day. In a nutshell, it described the very thing I experienced during the toast incident. Most people waste away seconds here and minutes there on a daily basis. By redirecting that time into something productive, we gain more time to do the things we desire. Time passed can never be regained. It’s worth thinking about.


N. Rene West
Fembellish Journal – Beauty thru fiber art