Although stairways provide great exercize, they aren’t the best place to save time when putting misplaced items back where they belong. Here is a method that works well if your home has two or more levels.

Place a basket near the top and bottom of the stairway. Whenever you have an item that needs to go upstairs, put it in the basket. Do the same at every level, but only carry the basket up or down when you have to make the trip. I love the baskets that have the “L’ shaped bottoms designed to fit stairs, but I just use decorative baskets that mix with the decor.

You will save lots of trips up and down the stairs as well as lots of time. Once the basket of items makes it to the correct level, you or your family members can put things back in their proper places.


N. Rene West
Fembellish Journal – Beauty thru fiber art