How to kill those pesky household germs the easy way

While sitting in the waiting room at my dentist’s office, I happened upon an article concerning germ levels in the average home. To my surprise, the article claimed that the bathroom shower hosted the most germs. Another area in the bathroom would have come to mind well before the shower, but according to these experts the shower proved the worst culprit.

I’m not sure where this “recipe” originated. A nurse may have given it to me years ago or maybe I found it in a book. Wherever it came from, it’s been a staple in my home for some time. First of all, both ingredients claim to kill a whopping number of germs. Second, it’s simple to make and can be used all over your home. I keep a spray bottle handy at all times.

I will give you the ingredients by percentage rather than a specific amount. I use an inexpensive spray bottle and eyeball the measurements since precision is not important. As with any household cleaner, wear gloves and use common sense precautionary measures found on the label of disinfectants.


20% Lemon Breeze Lysol Disinfectant
80% Isopropyl Alcohol

Just pour the ingredients into your spray bottle and shake.

Here are just a few ways that I use this mixture around my home:

  • As a shower spray – the entire shower gets sprayed after every use (also great for fighting hard water deposits, meaning you don’t have to clean your shower as often)
  • As a surface spray for countertops, sinks, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, toilet seats, door handles, trash cans (rinse countertops where food preparation takes place with water after applying)
  • As a floor cleaner for ceramic tile or vinyl flooring (spray lightly and damp mop)




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