How To Save Time and Reduce Your Daily Stress Level

I live by lists. I have a weekly grocery list. I have a “To Do” list. I keep a list of ideas that come to me at odd moments so that I don’t lose the thought. I make a list while sitting at the computer and working on my business, jotting down things I need to remember as I move from one task to another. Occasionally, I don’t add something to my list, thinking that I will surely remember it because it’s important. BIG MISTAKE.

Lists are our friends. They save us incredible amounts of time and help to keep us organized. Here is an example of how I organize my grocery/errand list. Every time a family member says we are out of something, it goes on the list. Whenever someone says, “Next time you’re at the store. . .” it goes on the list. Any items I need for our family meals that week go on the list. Some people group their grocery list according to location of items in their particular grocery store. I like that idea.

My errand list goes on the back of my grocery list. Usually it includes the bank, some specialty stores, the post office, etc. Before I leave the driveway, I take a pen and put numbers next to each item in order of their location. By doing this ahead of time, I know that my errands will flow in the most time efficient manner.

Where you keep your lists, whether they’re color coded, and other such considerations are a matter of personal choice. Since I spend so much time at the computer, I usually keep most of my lists at that desk. I prefer hard copy lists for most things, although I do keep business items in a software organizer that can be printed out when needed.

We lead busy lives. Trusting our memories can be a risky venture, especially when so many items compete for our attention in any given 24-hour period. Keeping lists is a great way to save time, keep in the flow of things, and reduce the stress level so many of us experience on a daily basis.





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