Time versus Task

I’m preaching to myself here. I look around at all the things that need to be done and wonder where I will ever find the time to do them. My problem is this: I’m thinking in the macro. In my mind, I figure this task will take at least 2 hours to complete and that task will take 4 hours, and I simply don’t have such large chunks of time available to me. Therefore. . .

That “therefore” can go two ways. Either “therefore, it will just have to go undone” or “therefore, I will have to tackle it a little at a time and eventually get it all done.” The latter is certainly the best choice and will be full of surprises when you actually develop that mindset.

Take laundry for example. Do you have a weekly laundry day? If you allow the laundry to pile up all week, what does the task look like at the end of the week? How do you feel when you look at that huge pile knowing what your day ahead is going to be like?

I adopted the philosophy when my children were small that one load at a time is easy, two is doable, but three or more is overwhelming, so one it is! As soon as there was enough clothing for one load, I quickly started the washer and went about my day. At my convenience I put the clean load in the dryer. I purchased baskets for each member of the family and put their clothing into the baskets right out of the dryer. By doing laundry “on the fly” so to speak, it was as if I never really did laundry.

Applying the micro approach to other time intensive tasks works just as well. Who says you have to complete every job to perfection in one fell swoop? So take a look around you and choose one large task upon which to focus. Set a time limit, say 10-15 minutes, and go at it. As soon as the time is up, stop and return to your normal routine. Do this every day and at the end of the week look at what you have accomplished.

Macro time is hard to find, but micro time is available to all of us. Begin small and start enjoying the rewards of accomplishment.