Quick Tips (15) – How To Keep Tape Ends Visible

Do you ever struggle to find the end of tape on a roll? I often run my finger over the surface several times hoping to feel the edge. Here’s a helpful tip to put an end to the problem.

Place a button at the end each time you use the tape. It will separate the end from the roll, making the edge immediately visible. Simple and 100% effective.




Clean those desks!

University of Arizona professor Charles Gerba, a professor of soil, water and environmental sciences, found three to four times more germs on women’s office desktops than men’s desktops. Even worse, the average desktop harbored 400 times more bacteria than the average office toilet seat.

Commissioned by Clorox Comapny, the research project revealed that 75% of women stored food in their desk as well as makeup and other germ transfer agents. Gerba said he was surprised by all the food found in the desks of female office staff, adding, “If there’s ever a famine, that’s the first place I’ll look for food.”

However, men won the prize for the worst overall offender: their wallets. Also, their PDAs hosted plenty of bacteria.

Gerba suggested using hand sanitizers and cleaning desk surfaces once a day in this new chapter on germ warfare.

Do you have a home office? Try using a small amount of my all-purpose cleaner on a soft towel to clean desk surfaces, keyboards, phones, and other office related surfaces.




How to double your time while talking on the phone

Some people enjoy spending a lazy afternoon chatting on the telephone. I’m not one of them. First of all, I don’t have lazy afternoons, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to spend them talking the hours away.

About a year ago, one of my R & D girls suggested that I purchase an earphone attachment so that I could take calls and work at the same time. Wow! What a great idea that turned out to be. Now, rather than sitting at my desk or walking around holding the telephone next to my ear, I wear the earphones, talk, and perform a second task at the same time.

In fact, the telephone now acts as the stimuli for a constructive case of Pavlovian conditioning. It rings, I answer with my earphones on, and I immediately start cleaning some area of the studio, the kitchen, or wherever I happen to be when I answer the phone. I find I can also work at the computer, but low brain wave tasks seem to go more smoothly.

Back to the earphones, I purchased mine at Radio Shak. They run about $39 and work great. I strongly suggest that you go high quality and get a set that covers both ears. I’ve tried other types (the kind with one ear pad), but too much background noise gets through. You will also want a set that allows you to adjust the sound level.

Many gadgets promise huge savings in time. My little set of earphones deliver those savings every day.




A little something about the mail

It’s one of those things that can pile up quickly if not attended to, growing into a formidable mountain by week’s end. Why let that happen when it’s so easy to deal with mail the minute it comes through the door.

Here is my daily routine that you can adapt to your circumstances.

(1) Deal with mail one time and only one time.
(2) As soon as you bring the mail into your house, stand over a trash can and throw away all junk mail, advertisements, etc.
(3) Place all bills into a basket or other file/receptacle that you have designated for this purpose.
(4) Place magazines in their appropriate places.
(5) Read letters or any other remaining mail and file or give them to members of the family to whom they belong. It is helpful to have files or baskets for each person who receives mail.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is an excellent motto for mail. I have found this system to be a great time saver, and I know it’s one you will love once you begin using it.