Quick Tips (16) – How to Safely Dispose of Plastic Bags

This tip is for homes with small children (or grandchildren). Although it doesn’t technically fall under the rubric of timesaving advice, I think it’s such a great home safety tip.

Whenever you have a plastic bag that needs to be disposed of, immediately tie it into knots so that no harm can come to small children before or after the bag reaches the trash can.




Quick Tips (15) – How To Keep Tape Ends Visible

Do you ever struggle to find the end of tape on a roll? I often run my finger over the surface several times hoping to feel the edge. Here’s a helpful tip to put an end to the problem.

Place a button at the end each time you use the tape. It will separate the end from the roll, making the edge immediately visible. Simple and 100% effective.



Quick Tips (14) – How to Organize Your Spices

Spices should be stored away from light and heat. An easy and space saving method for spice storage is to purchase a hanging shoe organizer (a child’s size works well) and place your spices in the individual compartments. You can hang the organizer from the door or anywhere within your pantry.

As an added benefit, the clear plastic will make each spice easily identifiable, which will also save you time in the kitchen.



Quick Tips (13) – Prioritizing Saves Time

One of the biggest time wasters is not setting priorities for your day. If we don’t know what are priorities are, then it only makes sense that we will whittle away the hours on unimportant tasks rather than accomplishing things that are truly important.

A favorite way of setting priorities is to pick three things that need to be done and writing them down under the heading, “Three Things I Will Do Today.” Limiting the list to three items has the effect of not overwhelming us. Additionally, once we finish the three tasks, the sense of accomplishment will spur us on to make another list for the following day. Before we know it, prioritizing our lives will have become a habit.



Quick Tips (12) – How To Quickly Remove Stains From Clothing


Some household products do double-duty, performing beyond their intended purpose. Dawn dishwashing liquid is one of those products. (Other brands do not work as well.)

Mixed half-and-half with tap water, Dawn becomes a powerful stain remover for clothing. Simply mix in a small spray bottle and use on stains, especially greasy ones. I like to keep a mixture in the laundry area and treat stains immediately. Give it a try.




Quick Tips (11) – How To Leave Your Dishes Sparkling Clean

In a previous post I stated that Jet Dry can also be used for hand washed dishes, providing the same spot-free results for your dishes as it does in the dishwasher.

There is another common household product that renders the same results plus has the added benefit of cutting through grease – white vinegar. Simply add a little to your rinse water and enjoy spotless, grease-free dishes the natural way.



Quick Tips (10) – A Clean Bathroom in Under 5 Minutes a Day

With your countertops all clean and tidy, keeping your bathroom clean on a daily basis is easy to do. Using Clorox wipes or a similar product, wipe down your sink every time you use it. Then with the same wipe, give the tub a quick swirl. Before throwing it away, wipe down the toilet seat. Next, use a soft cloth to wipe the mirror and faucets. (Plain rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth makes faucets shine!) Spray your shower after every use with my germ killing formula.

These simple actions turned into a daily habit will keep your bathroom in tip top shape.